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Originally Posted by FStop7 View Post
Are the M3 RPI scoops for sale to the public yet? I checked their website and don't see anything about it. No photos, no pricing, zip.
Yes, its available.

There is a slight back order right now though.

Originally Posted by FStop7 View Post
Maybe RPI is allergic to money, I have some for them but they don't seem to want it.
Not allergic to money, but we are conscious about the value of your money. We all work hard for our money and we just want to make sure the stuff works before releasing. Because of that, we cant rush our projects.

Originally Posted by MrHarris View Post
I got the scoops, they gave me 7whp from 7k rpm above and 14wtq from 2500-3600rpm. Josh, maybe they just need to make sure their exhaust makes the kind of power that represents RPi and not the power that most of these other tuning companies are producing (which is none to actual power loss).
Thanks for helping us with the development and testing of the scoops. Although I was expecting better numbers, 7whp for $100 is a great buy. Thanks again bud.

We use the car for a lengthy period of time so we can test the products so that no "gain" was accidential. We want to make sure that the gains we see are truly from the mods/changes we did with the car.