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Originally Posted by Sticky View Post
Not exactly.

However, I am going to go the supercharger route I am sure. The reason being that a centrifugal is the perfect forced induction to pair with our motors. It maintains the character of the motor, a turbo or any other style blower changes it.

A stroker is the truest interpretation of the form, but it is also the most expensive for the smallest gains.

I would never turbo the M! I t would have to much power and many things would need addressing, drive train, clutch, axles, gearing i could go on for days. My 350Z at high boost 680rwtq is completely worth less on the street 1 thru 3rd are useless. Click here>>>

It would also screw up the M power band / power delivery.. Ever get on the gas getting out of a corner in a rear wheel drive turbo car with more than 450 rwtq?? Freaking Drama!!
Super chargers will keep a nice lenier power band to redline, and the maintenance is ALOT cheaper than a TT.
We almost have the car running 11's with stock internals and no power adders... Thats freaking fast.