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Originally Posted by aus View Post
This is a REALLY annoying, recurring theme on this forum. People here seem to think that the vender is giving them a "special price, but don't tell anyone" crap the sales people give.
I've PM'ed people here about where they got stuff, or how much they got it for and NO ONE ever responds. This is the only forum this happens on. It's pretty pathetic. Either you have the product already or you're not going to buy it and was just shopping around, wo what's the big deal. This comment isn't necessarily directed only at kit523, particularly since I'm not looking for a BBK, but just a general comment about the members here, and how they let the venders manipulate them here.
Sorry for this t-jack but I agree.

What I find humorous are the folks that post something like this "Big thanks to Carl at Bongo Parts Outlet for selling me $10K worth of exhaust and wheels at near full retail. I hope you think I'm a good customer, please let me know if I can do anything for Bongo PO."

All the vendors are selling the same small list of parts, for about the same price, little innovation, few true performance parts.

I particularly love the "pre-order" hype. Sell it all before it arrives is a great deal for the retailer. Few parts are as limited as they may be made to appear.