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Originally Posted by Fkellym3 View Post
Nitrogen in tires is becoming a popular replacement for standard air. Nitrogen is all around us... the air we breathe is 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen and the rest is small amounts of other gasses. When it comes to tire inflation, nitrogen has many advantages over oxygen. With nitrogen tire inflation, improvements can be noted in a vehicle's handling, fuel efficiency and tire life through better tire pressure retention, improved fuel economy and cooler running tire temperatures.

A colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas , nitrogen could cost you as much as $10 a tire.

Most expensive air filled in my m3 tires..

I paid 40 dollars plus tax at the Fairfax BMW Service..

do any of you have one?
Pure nitrogen (as opposed to 78% nitrogen in air, as you state) will NOT improve handling, with the exception extreme (racing) conditions. Nitrogen is used in racing tires to reduce pressure fluctuations due to potential steam build up at very high temps.

Nitrogen will NOT reduce tread wear, which is the typical reason for tires wearing out. What nitrogen will do is escape from the tire about 50% slower than air (from the studies I've seen). This is not a factor if you check and adjust your air pressures on a reasonable schedule (e.g., once a month). It is purported that nitrogen will not oxidize the inside of the tire as fast as air, but this is such a slow process that physical wear will claim the tire first, and the outside of the tire is subject to more oxidation from the sun and atmosphere.

Nitrogen for street use is just a profit item for dealers.

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