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I switched from an E46 to an E92 about 3 weeks ago. And I still miss my E46!! Don't get me wrong I'm REALLY pleased with the E92 but the E46 just had that x factor about it. Standard for standard the E46 is a much stiffer more agile car IMO. I was dissappointed with how soft the ride was in the E92 even though I have EDC it just didn't feel as taught, so I've dropped it on Eibachs.

Power delivery between the two is also worlds apart, the E46 you had to work a bit harder with the straight six to keep the pace up and you couldn't just put your foot down in 6th doing 50ish and expect to make a smooth overtake, in the E92 this is possible. The V8 is just such a powerhouse it is alot more forgiving if you're in the wrong gear ut can get you to warp speeds in no time. IMO the E92 with the sport button pressed feels like the E46 as standard.

When I bought my E92 I still had the E46 for a couple of weeks afterwards and so was able to drive them back to back numerous times. For the first few days I thought I'd made the wrong decision buying the E92!! The E46 feels like an M car from stock settings whereas with the E92 you need to mess with the I-drive to get the feeling you desire.

In terms of quality the E92 is miles ahead of the E46. The seats are far more comfortable and feel more quality. In essence the E92 feels more of a GT car in terms of size and driving characteristics.

Here's some pics I was able to take as a comparison....