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Originally Posted by Bob@BPS View Post

I'm not sure I can disclose the pipe diameter yet.

Drone is not bad. You can hear the exhaust while cruising, but it's not bad. It's definitely louder than stock in the car. Borla wanted to make sure it didn't fall in the "why bother" category by not making it loud enough. Everyone at the 805 meet (as in area code 805) liked the sound and the looks of the tips.

It hasn't been dynoed yet, but my butt dyno tells me the aFe filter and Borla exhaust make the car quicker.

I'm sure I'll have more info for you after SEMA.

Just a heads up to you guys, I got my exhaust installed yesterday and I really like it. However, there is a drone below 2K RPM. It's rather bad, especially at start up when it's cold, but it does get a little better when it gets warmed up. Once above 2K RPM, the drone is completely gone.

Everything else is great....sound, looks, etc. Don't have enough seat time yet to determine if there is much of a performance gain but from what I could tell in my limited time of driving last night, there is an improvement.

Also, Bob was great to work with and the exhaust was shipped out in a timely manner and packaged perfectly. Thanks Bob.