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Originally Posted by masmole View Post
Speaking of Stoptechs for the E9x M3.... where do you get them? Who has them in stock?

Perhaps that's why they're not getting any love? I've had Stoptechs on past cars and they performed very well at the track and as much as I'd lean towards getting stoptechs for my M3, every online vendor I've visited only list the Brembo BBKs for E9x application and no Stoptechs to be seen. Even a local tuner shop who is both a Brembo and Stoptech dealer claims "stoptech isn't available for the M3 yet". Perhaps they're not up to date with their info but I think for the most part, many people aren't even aware that an E9x kit is already available. If a Stoptech is available for the E9x M3, what on earth happened to Stoptech marketing?
We are an officially Authorized seller of Stoptech. We are also an Authorized Brembo dealer - just so forum members have some help. I am jumping in here. Partly our fault as well I'd say but the Marketing effort hasn't been pushed very hard to get it out there, I think its all more due to the internal growth at Stoptech/Centric now - they've been acquiring a lot of brake companies and making a lot of changes there. They have definitely been beefing things up.

Originally Posted by Mickb View Post
I have the Brembo BBK for my car. On my last car (E46 M3) I had Stoptechs and they were fabulous. I am sure there is nothing between them in terms of stopping distance or fade, and I really went with Brembo this time for the change.

I am satisified with the Brembos, and I think they look better than the Stoptechs, but if I could buy them again I would go for the Stoptechs purely because of the pad change issue. The caliper removal thing really gets on my tits, especially for track work. Its ridiculous that a "track" upgrade has a really track-unfriendly feature.

Go for stoptech's lads and save yourselves some wedge.
You guys are discussing two very different philosophies in the setups. I am curious since you've had both, how long did it take you to replace the Brembo rotors? I've seen that the Brembo rotors will last longer then having to replace the Stoptech rotors, so that extra cost benefit is almost a wash. But good to hear feedback, hopefully you can give us more depth on it.

Originally Posted by badfish View Post
Not many people have done the homework yet to see if any 18" wheels clear. You can call Stoptech or visit their website to get a template. Then you have to do a bit of legwork. But give them a call and see if they know of any wheels that will clear.
I've talked to them multiple times on what wheels, none that they endorse or know about lol. Its going to be as hard as finding 18" wheels for the Brembos, you are looking at only a handful of wheels.

Originally Posted by masmole View Post
I'm concerned about the brake clearance wheel requirements for the Stoptechs though. All the posts I've seen mention that a 19" wheel is a necessity with the Stoptech kit. Meanwhile, there's been several posts with pictures as evidence that confirm that the Brembo BBK will at least work with select 18" wheels like Volks, HREs, etc. Is there something about the Stoptech Caliper+Rotor+Hat design that affords less brake clearance for certain 18" wheels compared to the Brembos? If so, this would be a huge deciding factor for some including myself who plan to go with a BBK for track duty, since using an 18" track wheel set up would be more ideal because of the larger variety of R-compound tires that fit available only in 18". This would be unfortunate since the preference towards the Stoptechs because of lower cost and more user-friendliness would be outweighed by the need to go with the obvious benefits of an 18" track wheel set up.
If you would like some cut outs of either of the wheels let us know, I'll be glad to help you with either of the products.

Originally Posted by Kampfer View Post
I think Stop Techs are original equipment on the latest Viper ACR. That should say enough.
Wait isnt that car filled with Aftermarket products, I mean it has KW's as coilovers right, and an aftermarket exhaust - plus like what 1500 were made?

Originally Posted by eagletangogreen View Post

Stoptech FTW!!

Customer support is light years ahead of Brembo!!
Wow that is not to nice. I've been working with both companies for quite some time. Both of them have amazing customer support they are always eager to help their customers and will get you the right information, make the right recommendations and be there by all means to help the customer. Yeah that is quite false information here, they are some of the best in this Industry - and that means a lot!!!