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Originally Posted by Singletrack View Post
The V1 tap has a clamp on it - FYI. It will not open. I'd love to see a wiring diagram and service manual, but I've never seen a link or a place to download/buy them.

I'm sure the wire people are taping goes back to a fuse, and there is also a fuse included in the V1 tap.
I have a significant amount of experience with automotive electrical and my first preference for powering an accessory is to run it directly off the battery or the fuse box. If that's not an option, I'll solder and seal (not clamp) a connection off an existing acc or batt wire as long as I know what it's powering.

The T tap method to the green wire in the overhead console will be fine for most people. It appears that whatever is being powered by that wire can handle the minimal draw of the radar detector. Also, there's almost no possibility for the connection to be compromised by water or vibrations. If you ever take it out, just make sure to cover up the spot where you clamped in with a couple of winds of electrical tape.

That said, I'm used to doing wiring in places like the engine bay where it is exposed to the elements and vibrations, and I employ the same anal precautions no matter where or what I'm wiring. I soldered and sealed the radar detector power wire to the fuse tap and connected it to the fuse box with a 5A fuse. The wires runs across the headliner, down the passenger side A-pillar, to the fuse box, and are secured the entire way with zip ties. Completely secure and completely reversible without a trace.
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