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Just built my 1337 Rig!

Hey guys, so I got my brother's parts in yesterday for his new comp, and basically built it for him. Pretty kickass system!

here are the specs(not super detailed, but i'll update it later)

Asus P6T-deluxe motherboard
Intel Core i7 920 2.66ghz processor
DDR3 tri-channel memory
2gbRAM X 3
Nvidia GTX280 Video Card (1gb of video ram)
2x1TB Hard drives in raid 0
Samsung DVD-RW DL drive
Antec 900 case
Audigy X-Fi Sound card
G15 Keyboard

All that for about $2k!

I'll get pics up once I get home

Quick question though, I'm trying to install XP 64-bit and i'm having problems setting it up in Raid 0

I keep getting this Blue screen of death during the installation

I updated the BIOS too...any ideas?

it's like 0x0000007B or something...I know it has to do w/ the raid 0 because it worked fine when I tried to install it on normal IDE connection....

Thanks guys!

Edit: got the Raid drivers, Asus Mobos don't support USB floppies so had to install an internal one that figured out.

I SO need to clean up all the wires now....bah, usually happens when making a new comp...wires scrambled everywhere...
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