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Question Some General advice please!

Hi all

I just got my ride and I have got some questions about E90 and i hope someone can help me:

1. my e90 comes wiht Xenon, is it "safe" to just leave the the lights in "auto" while switching (start) on/off my car? "safe" as it will it damage the lights or the battery?

2. Same as Q1. how about the automatic Aircon?

3. Same as Q2, how about the Radio?

4. is the stock xenon lights comes with dynamic control or just a plain xenon? cos i notice the lights does a "swing" when you switch on the car...which is quite cool i think ...

5. does the headunit plays other format than mp3?

6. is there a way to set the aircon to always circulate rather than i have to manually turn on each time i start the car..

i wish there is a lot FAQs about my ride... but overall the drive is cool!