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Originally Posted by ty50 View Post
thank you gentlemen for the thorough reply. its greatly appreciated.
i just pulled a 3sixty.2 out of my old car so i may as well use that.

alot of this stuff I'm still learning so my next question is do you know anyone in the Phoenix area that is good at this in particular and in case i tackle this myself, i need to ask once more....i need two amps(pdx5, another 2chanel, the 2 subs, and the 3sixty.2?

You will have very limited choices in amps if you want to use the dedicated center speaker output of the 3SIXTY.2 to drive the OEM center speaker.

You will need at least 7 channels of amplification to keep the center channel working with the 3SIXTY.2. If you are not that interested in using that center speaker then a single PDX-5 is all you need to drive the front and rear OEM speakers (the rear 4 speakers have to be connected in parallel into two 2-ohm channels) and a pair of SWS-8 in parallel as well.

Because you have a 4 channel PDX already (either the 4.100 or the 4.150) you could also get an extra 2.150 and drive both SWS-8 in stereo with this amp using the center speaker output with the subwoofer output of the 3SIXTY.2 together as left and right low pass outputs. The other 4 channel PDX can be used to drive the front and rear OEM speakers.