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Originally Posted by Blake View Post
you must have water on the brain. the only reason you want to piss and moan about TO, romo, and anyone else is because your jealous your busted ass team doesn't have such weapons. that's the only reason why anyone ever pisses and moans about the cowboys. people are jealous of our swagger when it's there, it's something that other teams loath for. enjoy mediocrity bitches, i'll take all the weapons in the world.
Of all people I would think a Cowboys fan would be tired of Romo and T.O. I have respect for each and every team (except Detroit). Your team should have went to the Super Bowl last year AND the year before that. You're right, you have ALL the weapons but what do you do with them? Absolutely nothing. So that makes you guys no better than the Redskins. And if you think the Redskins don't have weapons, you need to start watching more of our games. Clinton Portis, arguably the best running back in the league this season. Santana Moss, Chris Cooley, Jon Jansen, Chris Samuels, Jason Taylor, London Fletcher, our WHOLE secondary. Yeah, I'm really jealous of the Cowboys. Just like you should, I get frustrated when we underachieve. You can have all the weapons in the world, but what use are they if you don't win it all?