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Originally Posted by xs***** View Post
Thanks Teshi! Again out of sheer ignorance, what is ISO and why is it important?
ISO is the cameras sensitivity. Higher ISO yields faster shutter speeds or helps keep a good shutter speed when you are without your tripod or in low light conditions.

The downside about high ISO is the amount of "noise" or grain it produces.

Most cameras have ISO ranges as below


More high end bodies go up to ISO3200, 6400+

Heres one - Noise test, D2H vs D3 @ ISO6400

Thats a lot of noise but then again, thats REAL sensitive so when it counts its good to have it there. Now up until recently, Nikon have lagged behind on this side of their sensors so previous bodies such as the D40/D60/D80 really did not match up to Canon's sensors in terms of how well it kept higher ISO's clean.

Now their bodies are just as good but I suppose its all preferences to be honest.