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Originally Posted by plnwu View Post
Hi Ben,

Thanks for the great info - getting ready to order as we've got snowfall #2 already here. Couple of questions:

1. Would you get road hazard insurance?
2. I am debating sticking with my 18" OEMs and just getting the tires. Any advantage/disadvantage to buying a whole separate set of wheels just for winter (outside of cost)?

Good questions.
1. Depends. Reasons to get road hazard: A) If you have a better than a 50/50 chance of trashing a tire in the first 1.5 years. B) If the small chance of having to buy a new tire shortly after installing because of an unexpected road hazard is too painful to tolerate.
Reasons not to get a road hazard: c) You would not normally expect to have a flat within 1.5 years. d) You can live with replacing the tire if you have the misfortune to get a flat.

If either A or B applies to you, get Road Hazard. If both c and d apply to you, do not get it.

2. Yes. Buying wheels and tires is better.
A) You can change from your summer to winter whenever you want to (as long as you have a jack and a lug wrench professional install is not required).
B) You can change for free (many of the better installers charge $15-30 per tire, which adds up twice each year)
C) Whenever you mount and dismount tires on wheels, there is a chance of scratching the wheel, and the sidewall of the tire becomes a little weaker.
D) Your summer wheels will look better for longer, because they do not have to suffer through the winter.

If you plan to upgrade your summer wheels, you could use the Original Equipment wheels for winter, and then buy a new set in the spring to use for your summer tires.
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