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Originally Posted by YuBimmer View Post
Again? We've been to the playoffs two out of the past three years... and we've WON a playoff game. More than the Cowboys can say. You guys should be thinking of drafting a quarterback who doesn't cost you the big games and getting rid of T.O. who can't catch and just cries every time he doesn't get thrown to. You have a future with Felix Jones though once he gets healthy.
you must have water on the brain. the only reason you want to piss and moan about TO, romo, and anyone else is because your jealous your busted ass team doesn't have such weapons. that's the only reason why anyone ever pisses and moans about the cowboys. people are jealous of our swagger when it's there, it's something that other teams loath for. enjoy mediocrity bitches, i'll take all the weapons in the world.