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Originally Posted by southlight View Post
...So we all still think the Merc engine is lighter?
Y'know, now that I've had some time to consider this in a calm and rational manner, here what I've come up with:


Is there anything else that BMW measures in their own unique way?

Horsepower? Vehicle length? Air quality? Dress sizes?

Y'think BMW includes the block and heads in their measurement, or just the effing throttle bodies!!! Are the water passages empty? Filled with champagne? Lead? Helium?

I apologize to all for my part in what turns out to be a ridiculous conversation/discussion/argument. Oh, and I hereby withdraw my third M3 brickbat (stated earlier) in regard to engine weights, and throw it at the collective heads of BMW marketing.

Anyway, Swamp, I have no idea what the parts weigh on these two engines, but a typical dual mass flywheel weighs in the vicinity of 40 pounds, while a flexplate for an auto will be nearer 10 pounds.

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