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More details on the Akrapovic website. Just some lite-info.


Akrapovic exhaust systems are available for which cars?
In our entry onto the automobile exhaust system ‘aftermarket’ we focused on Porsche and BMW automobiles. We are therefore developing or already offering exhaust systems for certain Porsche 911 models: GT3, 996 Turbo, and 997 Turbo and BMW M series: M3, M5, and M6.

Do you offer only complete exhaust systems or also mufflers?
We offer everything you need for different levels of exhaust system tuning. Visit our ‘Products’ section to examine our offer for a specific automobile model.

Which materials do you use in the production of exhaust systems?
Due to our extensive experience from motorcycle and automobile races and access to exclusive ‘high grade XT’ titanium, but mostly because of the excellent characteristics of this material, we use solely titanium. We would also like to emphasize that our exhaust systems are made using state-of-the-art technology and manual craftsmanship of our welders. All welding is namely done manually in accordance with the TIG procedure, the only one that ensures the maximum strength of the weld and an aesthetic appearance.

How much weight do I save and how much power do I gain if I use an Akrapovic exhaust?
The savings with regard to weight are truly large, because our exhaust system can be up to 50% lighter than the original one. With regard to power and torque, we can say that the most basic tuning of the motor offers from 5 to 10 % more power. However, an even greater increase in torque is even more important.

Do I need to change the ‘mapping’ if I install an Akrapovič exhaust?
It is not necessary, however it is recommended for the maximum utilization of capabilities.

How does an Akrapovic exhaust sound like?

Definitely more sporty. However, there are two types of exhausts, which are very closely connected to the sound and volume. The racing exhaust is significantly lauder with a stronger sound, while the homologated (street legal) exhaust is quieter because of stricter demands with regard to environment protection.

Do you use catalysts?
Yes, we use Emitec 'high flow' catalysts, which are metal-based.

Where can I buy an Akrapovic exhaust for my car?
The sales network is still in the set-up phase. However, we will certainly be cooperating with reputable tuning workshops in this area.
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