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Originally Posted by haen View Post
What I have is facts. Worldcarfans did not make up those press releases. They are from BMW and Mercedes and you can find the exact same articles on other websites.
Not sure how many times I have to say it specs are not specs. I believe these specs are not "apples to apples".

Originally Posted by haen View Post
All I have are assumptions to go on because you were not clear enough in your post. How was I supposed to know that you were talking about taxes? You said "the displacement thing is absolutely a factor for the M3. If it was 4.0 liters or greater it would make the price significantly higher resulting in making it significantly less attractive and affordable." You never mentioned taxes. You need to be more specific.
Reading is key. I stated this explicity in my post #253. You just missed it.

Originally Posted by haen View Post
They do cap classes at certain engine sizes but BMW didn't build the M3 to go racing, they built it to sell to consumers. Don't confuse the E92 M3 with the E30 M3.
OK let the back pedaling commence. Of course they did not build the M3 to race but it will make a darn fine race car. And we likely do not need to rehash the importance of a cars success on the race circuit in terms of it fostering a high sales volume.

Originally Posted by haen View Post
Where did I say that the M3's V8 was poorly designed? Do you think the s65 is the only engine to use fancy materials?
You didn't and I did not say you did. Ugh....

Lastly I am open to hearing about my attitude and insults. I haven't gone there. Perhaps you are confusing me and Sticky your new best friend?

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