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LOL@ westchester BMW, that dealership is a absolute joke... everything from sales to service. I was a loyal customer from 2001-2006ish. I will never walk into that place again. Nothing but a bunch of blood sucking thieves IMO. I personally purchased 4 cars from them from 2001-2005. I also sent about 6-8 family members/friends to the dealership and they have all purchased cars. You would think they would treat someone like me with a little respect. I remember walking into the sales room after dropping my car off for service a few times and getting dirty looks from all the sales guys because I was dressed in my work clothes and didnt look exactly like a BMW driver or potential buyer

I now give all my buisness to BMW of Darien CT. Its not that far from W.BMW actually and the service is great no complaints at all. And especially if you plan to modify your M3, stay away from WBMW as they WILL turn you away with a modified car. They are doing this to everyone I know recently... That place has went down the tubes in the past few years. I even witnessed some of the night shift guys abusing a brand new M3 still taped up from shipping. I saw them ripping it up and down a near by parking lot late at night, I was shocked because they obviously were going against the break in procedures. I would be PISSED if they did that to my future M3!

Go to Darien and ask for Steve, he will give you a wayyyy better price and treat you like you deserve..