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Originally Posted by Technic View Post
Another option is to use a Rockford Fosgate 3SIXTY.2 processor instead of the Cleansweep/Summing modules and the Audiocontrol DQXS. That's one module instead of three...

I did not use that 3SIXTY.2 in my particular case just because I did use a 3SIXTY.2 years before in another system of mine and its reliability was simply poor, with two units replaced under warranty in less than a year.
I was about to say the same thing about the reliability of the 3sixty.2. The bluetooth module has been known to take a crap on the unit which leaves you with no way to make adjustments. Because of that, the popularity of this unit has died off since it's release.

There are some other processors that are supposed to be released soon that might fit the application but nobody knows when these will actually hit the market. They are the Audison BitOne and the JBL MS-8. Both are 8 channel processors that can do speaker level input summing and DSP processing. Basically they are like the Audiocontrol DQXS with the addition of speaker level inputs, signal summing, and fully adjustable filter slopes. I had a chance to go through the manual of the Audison unit and it looks very promising but I heard the prototype models had some issues that need to be worked out before being released to the general public.
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