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Originally Posted by ty50 View Post
thank you. yes it does have eq. perhaps im picky but some guys say theirs sounds good. mine sounds empty, lacking low end for sure among much more. i guess few agree and others seem to be happy. is there any other adjustments perhaps aside from the idrive settings? I have a handful of acceptable amps and some good speakers. I'm wondering if i could make things happen with an audiocontrol three.1 and a 4 channel pdx alpine. i have these things on the bench and would like to NOT spend another fortune on components.
any input would be appreciated thanx.

also is there two amps currently in this 08?
Only the PDX amp can help you out in the Premium Audio low end department, and only if you replace the OEM woofers by the SWS-8:

To achieve better sound out of the Premium Audio without spending a fortune means that you have to deal with the OEM amp heavy processing and create your own. Other than that and you will be only amplifying whatever the OEM amp puts out. And when you think about it, that's exactly what you noticed that don't like about the Premium Audio.

As the link above shows, what I did was to remove first that processing with a dedicated module and then set my own EQ curve with another module... then amplify the result to the same OEM component and coaxial speakers and two SWS-8 underseat subs. I'm extremely happy with the result, and like you I used some left over equipment to acomplish this (the SWS-8, the DQXS and one of the PDX amps).

There is no need to replace the OEM 4" component and speakers, just the OEM underseat woofers.

Another option is to use a Rockford Fosgate 3SIXTY.2 processor instead of the Cleansweep/Summing modules and the Audiocontrol DQXS. That's one module instead of three...

The 3SIXTY.2 will be capable of summing the crossover'ed outputs of the OEM amp into a full signal, transform that heavy processed/EQ full signal into a flat/de-processed/de-EQ signal and then you can apply your own EQ curves to the front, rear, sub and center speakers.

One feature that this 3SIXTY.2 has that the other three modules combined do not is that you can time align the signals by distance, left to right and front to back. However, one requirement of the 3SIXTY.2 that the other three modules don't is that you need a Bluetooth-enabled PDA to set and adjust the processor features. No PDA, no adjustment possible.

So in paper, you can just get this 3SIXTY.2, a pair of SWS-8 and an extra 2-channel amp (a single four channel amp will not be enough to drive all 16 speakers, you will need at least 6 channels of amplification) and really improve your system to your liking.

I did not use that 3SIXTY.2 in my particular case just because I did use a 3SIXTY.2 years before in another system of mine and its reliability was simply poor, with two units replaced under warranty in less than a year. To be fair, that was the first year of the 3SIXTY, the third unit (it was a different version than the two replaced) is still working -AFAIK- in my old car and according to Rockford Fosgate there has been several improvements on this unit for the last 2 years. And when the sucker worked it worked great, with a impressive sound quality and clarity with its multiple adjustment capabilities.