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Originally Posted by ty50 View Post
thank you. yes it does have eq. perhaps im picky but some guys say theirs sounds good. mine sounds empty, lacking low end for sure among much more. i guess few agree and others seem to be happy. is there any other adjustments perhaps aside from the idrive settings? I have a handful of acceptable amps and some good speakers. I'm wondering if i could make things happen with an audiocontrol three.1 and a 4 channel pdx alpine. i have these things on the bench and would like to NOT spend another fortune on components.
any input would be appreciated thanx.

also is there two amps currently in this 08?
OK. Now we're getting an idea of what kind of audio person you are. Since you have that kind of equipment laying around, I assume you've had decent aftermarket systems in the past. It is not reasonable to expect the premium audio system to perform like an aftermarket one no matter how much the premium option costs. The design philosophy is just different. With that said, there are things you can do to improve on the system. Adding amps and replacing speakers on the premium audio system are well documented here. Check out Technic's install to give yourself an idea of what's involved.

The premium audio system is a little bit more difficult to upgrade than the base system because have to tap the signal after the OEM amp and you have to deal with the processing built into the system before you can input that signal into an aftermarket amp.
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