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Next, we went back and got the M5's for a little time trial action. We put the cars in 500 mode with MDM. (M dynamic mode) We started out with a small slalom and a long sweeping right turn. The turn was just sharp enough that you could feel the awesome grip of the car but shallow enough that you could wind it up in second. After the sweeping right was a sharp right with a small double S section and then we had to come to a quick stop in the stop box. Seconds were added if you hit a cone or stopped out of the stop box. The whole run was about 25-30 seconds. We all took several runs. I was the winner in this exercise also. I was surprised because 2 of the other guys had a little more training than me prior to this school. It was all in good fun any way.

The last exercise was a bigger track run. We went around a little bigger road course. We got to choose our car for this. I was torn with my choice. I could choose a manual M3, which is close to my car. Or I could choose a SMG M5 or M6. I ultimately chose the M6 as I wanted to not have to worry about the clutch as much and be able to concentrate on braking and paddle shifting as I approached the turns. After 1 turn, there was a good stretch I could floor it in second and third , eventually shifting into 4th before braking hard for a hard left turn. I got up to maybe 105-110 in this area. These cars make you so confident it is easy to forget you are in a 500hp monster. I had to tell myself several times that this wasn't a video game and i better slow down before I get to that hard turn.

After a dozen of so laps of this we returned to the lot. We got in a M3 sedan with the instructor for a hot lap of the whole course. WOW. We didn't get to use the whole course in our exercises as the whole course is used in the second day of the 2 day M school. Our instructor had 30 yrs, of racing experience and he made that car dance. It gave my wife and I new found respect for that little white car in the driveway.

All in all. we had a great time. BMW treated us like royalty. I am planning to go back in the spring on my own dime and take the 2 day school. Yes these courses are expensive, but I got to beat on $250k+ worth of cars for a day with no repercussions. Take in to consideration the amount of $ that BMW puts into the school, cars, maintenance and staff and it is worth the $.
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