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Originally Posted by xxForgedxx View Post
The girl wants to watch a chick flick right? You don't BUT! There is a way. The only way. Written by me

Girl: Aww come over we can watch the notebook we can snuggle
Me: Ok (snuggle is code for put it in my ass)
Girl: Yayyy
Me: Knock Knock
Girl: *answers door in short shorts, no bra and a tank top* Hayyyyy
Me: *walks in*

5 minutes later...

Girl: whips out the notebook dvd, puts in dvd player
Me: sits on the couch
Girl: gets close *movies playing*
Me: get on the floe betch
Girl: ok master
Me: *notebook is playing*
Girl: yes master
Me: get necked betch
Me: I know you do betch
Girl: PITMB!!!
Me: *insert here sound*
Girl: OW OW OWWWWW YEEEE HAWWWW (not really that would be weird)
Me: smack sound smack sound
Girl: Harder, aww I love this movie *shes facing the tv
Me: *I'm facing it too* WHAP WHAP WHAP *sound of hardcore PIITB*

And THAT my friend is how you watch a chick flick while maintaining everything that is straight about you
sounds like an experience i had way back in the day (high school). 1st BJ ever! We were watching "Wild Orchid" which is just as gay if not gayer than The Notebook. She answered the door with short shorts and a tank top, no bra, I knew it was over when she opened the door.