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Originally Posted by BellasBmw
wow i thought you were able to get more than 1 fastpass. then again the last time i was at disneyland was 4 yrs ago. so... i guess times changed. bummer! come to the sd zoo! Its world famous and only 90 miles away!
yea, you can get more than one if you time it right. for example, if your fast pass is for a 10:20-11:20 ride time, at 10:20 you can go get another fast pass. so what we did was get a fast pass, go ride the non-wait rides, right when 10:20 rolled around, go get another fast pass then go use our first fast pass. that way while you are in line and riding the first fast pass ride, you are already waiting for your 2nd one.

just beware, if you get a fast pass that has a 3 to 4 hour ride time, you are pretty much screwed since you can't get anymore during that time.
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