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Originally Posted by EvilTuna7 View Post
The fact that it's still street legal is impressive (although i don't know what Germany requires for a car to be "street legal"). The Pagani being trailered down was obviously to the choice of the owner and it could have eaisly/comfortable driven there. I have great respect for any car (and driver) that runs a lap on the ring that quickly. My point is still that your car is stripped out and the pagani is comfortable enough to drive anywhere and still have amazing performace. I would drive my grandmother around in the Zonda, but i think she would have trouble just getting into the CSL

Regardless, kudos to you for producing an extremely fast machine.
I know what you mean ... Loaded is TüV approved. I can't explain in details what they many words and to hard in english I can send it in German hehe... no I don't think you want that.

Thank you and we must see this Loaded project as a underdog project that challenge the big boys ... and we did it good! We know we have 7-10 more seconds to give ... but we have already proven the skills with the drivers life at stake ... he is going to be a father in december and will be more careful now...I think Hes wife told me that she have never seen that look in his eyes before that we capture from the inboard cam ... it was a look taken from a medieval fearless warrior with murder in his eyes. honestly..that scarred the shit out of hear!!!