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Westchester BMW

Hey guys,

Quick question, any of you get your m3 from Westchester BMW in White Plains NY? I have my deposit on an 09....which I decided to take delivery sometime next summer...just wanted to avoid the winter up here in NY.

Anyways..if you did get it from there...I was wondering how good of a deal you Sales guy is a real nice guy, very helpful...but not so sure how good of a deal I am going to get. We went over some tenative numbers...and its way too much in my opinion... (given the way the economy is and the obvi fact the M3's are not selling)... It sure as hell doesn't look like the economy is getting any I am hoping for .9 financing still will be the norm for next well.

I have it modestly optioned....what do you guys think...i should offer ....invoice +1 or 2K....??

Your input is most appreciated.
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