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Originally Posted by Sticky View Post
Cat delete, 500 bucks.
Sticky, I would rather add high-flow cats than delete them for a non-track only car. Yes, it would still be cheaper than the Ericsson.

Originally Posted by camaross305 View Post
Yea but that exhaust is also $12,000
Originally Posted by gthirtyfizle View Post
Thats what i mean. But that extra power comes with an 11K price tag lol. Not many ppl would spend that kind of money for an extra 5-10hp. As u can see most ppl that would are the same ones that are putting stroker kits on their M's...
I know, I know, its f*cking expensive. I just wanted to point out the TQ gain(Due to the High flow cat) which is nice. In a way, its like buying an Omega Vs Patek Philippe, both tell the same time but the Patek Philippe cost 10X more....

Slammed, at the moment I think AA would be the best. Maybe Evosport too but Im not familiar with their chip. I heard someone here say, if you take the car to you dealer and get new sofware added, AA will reflash the ECU once on twice free, but you would have to confirm with them.