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Got Track!!!!!!
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To the OP! Dont get wrapped up on Hp number I used to do that when I was young.. Learn how to drive your car (not saying you dont know how to drive). Go to the drag strip go to a autocross, and do some track days. Theres alot of people on here claiming Hp number ect.. thats all great, but in the end it comes down to the driver.. What good is a 500hp car if some one thats a better driver walks you with 100hp less..
Everyone here thinks they can drive, but in reality I would say 10% are above average drivers (the guys going and doing trackdays/drag strip). I recommend taking your car to the drag strip. ! Why? Because its super cheap easy on your car (compared to doing a trackday), and you learn the basics, like controlling grip, launching, shifting fast, basically learning to drive your car, it will also give you a good idea on what you can run with your car.. Get some times for your car with you driving and then mod it more power! More power doesnt usally mean a faster car. Example my 350Z running high boost 700 to the wheels is only 2 sec faster at VIR than me running low boost 500hp... 2sec you can miss a shift or go in to deep and loose more time.. On the drag strip 700 and 500 is like driving two diffrent kinds of cars, with only a sec in E.T difference..

My point is you can do alot of damage with your M as it is right now IF you get to know it.. In two weeks a have a meet with the Z06 guys at the drag strip and I promise I will spank 4 out of th 6 that will show.. Its all in the driver!!

Ok that my useless post for today!1111