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Originally Posted by slammedm3 View Post
Ok guys, I know a little bit about this stuff (so im not a complete moron when it comes to performance mods).

I have the Eisenmann Race exhaust and Rogue Engineering Pulleys and lastly the RPi Scoops.


I know Active Autoworkes has a software upgrade...but $900+ for what is it....15 hp ? Doesnt really seem worth it!

I don't understand...these cars apparently have so much more power to them then BMW allows us to see/have. Why can't someone come out with a good chip that makes at least 30-40 hp. It shouldn't be very tough for a BMW M V8 engine to do this...

any suggestions or comments on this?
40hp from a chip for a NA car? What are you smoking? Maybe yes if it was a FI car but for a NA car you cant ask for much... its a vert any way, why are you dumping money into performance mods?
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