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Originally Posted by UdubBadger View Post
a used 5d might be a nice option... hmmm I'll look into that also.

Teshi - I guess what I'm also saying is that I'm ok with the glass I have right now (or will have when I add that "L" lens) and the only reason I'm looking for a new body would really be because I'm just looking for a new body, not because I expect it to drastically change my pictures (unless like you noted I'm shooting above 1600 ISO or making huge prints). I said before "I'd be able to produce a lot better pics than with my current rig because of the things the 50d and 5dmkII offer... meaning specifically "better" because they can do things that the 20d can't so when I would want to shoot above 1600 iso or make super large poster prints or something like that, I could where as with the 20d its not even an option.

I guess I kinda went about this thread the wrong way because it was supposed to be more of.... a 50d vs 5d mk II comparison and not, should I be getting anything at all.
If you can cough up the money, 5D II will be a formidable weapon although price was my concern and opted for the orig 5D and all in all, no crop and amazing IQ, I cannot ask for more. Price is coming down quick on those so you might have another option here.