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DIY: ///M Embroided Mats for RHD Cars

Well in the end, I gave up trying to source some embroided ///M mats for my UK spec car. It seems they are only made and sold by BMW for LHD cars,... never mind.

During my search, someone suggested some iron-on badges that you can buy on flea-bay. So I ordered some from Hong Kong costing about 1.49 each. When they arrived, I opened them and whilst the embroided bit was fine, they were embroided onto a black nylon patch that to be honest looked rather tacky on a 65k car. But then I had an idea...

Step 1, remove mats from car and thoroughly vacuum clean.

Step 2, using a pair of very sharp scissors, cut neatly around the embroided portion of the patch, to remove the nylon edging.

Step 3, place the patch on to the mat in the desired location. Cover it with a thin piece of material for protection, and then place a very hot iron on top. Keep the iron moving, but keep the pressure at the same time. You may need up to 30seconds for this. I suggest you turn the steam off from the iron.

The result? Well I'm very pleased The embroided ///M badge actually sits into the mat, so that it looks like it was made that way.

I chose to position my badges near the centre console, so that they should receive less agravation from shoes.

Time will tell whether this is a good solution or not, but here are the pics, let me know what you think...
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