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Originally Posted by Sticky View Post
Ok footie, thanks for bringing up Lancia. Dude, LANCIA, when the hell is the last time I have been to a Lancia dealership? Oh wait, NEVER.

Come on, a supecharger + turbo setup is absolutely stupid and it is a stupid suggestion, period. You need the supercharger, then the turbos, plus all the associated parts, hardware, cooling, plumbing, ridiculousness. I do like that you bring up interesting things, but I think you should leave the engineering choices to the engineers.

Instead of using a supercharger for the low end (depends on the supercharger, tons of variables) higher compression would be better for great throttle response. BMW will, most likely, do a direct injection turbo with higher compression and a high redline with small turbos. Think 335 and X6 V8 twin turbo combined but better, way better.

Freaking Lancia....
Did you ever hear about VW's 1.4 TSI engine? It's most probably not used in the US, but does exactly what you think is a stupid idea. Supercharger for the low end plus a turbo for higher revvs.

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