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i dont know if you were trying to make a point to me or something but that example really makes no sense, to me. BMW would never get rid of their M division.
It seems like you misread my post completely though. I don't know how you read that I was suggesting BMW would get rid of the M Division. It's hard to critique my own words of course, but I tried to pick out any piece of what I wrote that could somehow be construed as me saying that the M Division was going away and I simply cannot understand how it could be interpreted that way. I'd be happy to clarify though, if you can point me to which part of my post made you think that I claimed that.

Just because they added SUVs to M does not mean they are willing to cut off performance cars to save money.
Certainly and I was not even remotely trying to make that point. I firmly believe the M Division will continue to develop performance cars, just as the article (as well as an abundance of other evidence) suggests. That much isn't really up for debate. However, I will suggest that the sharing of motors with regular series production cars could dilute the brand, and further brand dilution in other areas of the car's function or form could follow on.

(BTW did they ever officially say that this X6 will have an M badge? people are just speculating that they will be. if they have, i stand corrected)
Nothing more official than this and other similar articles. None of it confirms anything officially of course, but certainly evidence at least appears to be mounting that the X6 M will exist (in favor of an X6 si).

but to say that they would consider just making a 3 series with bmw performance parts and no more M is going to far.
What I am saying is that M is just a brand. And because it is a brand that BMW owns it is certainly well within their rights to call any car they want to an M car. If they want to call a 3 series with BMW performance parts an M3, then they certainly can. Perhaps this is not in their best interests. Ok. But we don't know yet where things might go. You and I might not buy a car like this, but maybe lots of other people would. It might hurt the brand irreperably, but maybe it wouldn't. Maybe the brand would flourish even more with a car like this, and maybe it would become more profitable. If the people in charge of the brand find that it is more lucrative to take their brand in a different direction - even the completely opposite one - then you better believe that such a thing is at least a possibility, and that they will at least considering doing so.

Sure, I am speculating. I am playing devils advocate. I am not necesarily saying any such thing will happen. It is a completely academic discussion. However, if a year ago someone posted to this forum and said BMW is making an X6 M and it will use an N64-based motor, few will agree with that person, and furthermore that person will get flamed. But now, that very thing is becoming accepted knowledge. So, how can we not say big changes are afoot for M? Big changes already happened. We just don't know how many more are ahead. I will suggest that at the very least there are some changes ahead that will cause even more controversy. I am just waiting to see what they might be.
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