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Originally Posted by mkoesel View Post
A 335i will definitely not make you frown in this situation, or if it does you may want to check your pulse. It is a very fun car. But you step out, you get into an M3, and then you have no desire to go back.

Less M exclusivity. It starts with the engine, but what is next? Pretty soon they could be using the BMW Performance parts instead of developing M specific suspension, brakes and differential. Why not? The car will be a great performer as the 335i tuning crowd has proven over and over. So, why not just make the M3 a 3 series with all the BMW aftermarket parts already on it from the factory? Maybe just add the wide bodywork and fender vent to keep that shred of exclusivity, and call it a day. If we think it can't happen, then let the X6 M be a wakeup call. An X6 M? Now that is some pretty darn weak koolaid you are asking me to swallow, BMW.
i dont know if you were trying to make a point to me or something but that example really makes no sense, to me. BMW would never get rid of their M division. Just because they added SUVs to M does not mean they are willing to cut off performance cars to save money. (BTW did they ever officially say that this X6 will have an M badge? people are just speculating that they will be. if they have, i stand corrected) They may change the rules a bit in order to be able to continue to sell cars in the Americas and other countries who are demanding more efficient cars, but to say that they would consider just making a 3 series with bmw performance parts and no more M is going to far.

Why should fiat continue to make ferraris when they could put a bigger engine in their '500'? why should volkswagen continue to make porsches and buggattis when they could simply put a better suspension on their 'beetles'?