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Originally Posted by consolidated View Post
I have the same calipers on a Cayman S, and to make things worse, Porsche considers caliper bolts a one time use item that's torqued to near deformation. But they were a worthwhile improvement over the OEM brakes for me.
Could you elaborate on this? The reason I ask is that one time in removing one of my caliper bolts to change pads, the allen key actually turned in the head of the bolt rendering it useless. I ended up having to take the car back to the shop. They were afraid of drilling it given location, and took off the whole caliper mounting bracket and used a vice grips to remove the remainder of the bolt. The garage thought I had made a balls of it, but I used a torque wrench to tighten everything up to exact specs!! So what you say about porsche becomes very interesting to me.

Originally Posted by consolidated View Post
What I consider a larger problem is pad availability, the Ferodo compounds I used sucked (1000(comes w/kit) and 3000 series I believe), I don't like Porterfields but the custom-cut Performance Friction PFC-01 were quite good despite pad material transfer the first few times at the track.

Pagid now makes the 29 yellow pads for this caliper in narrow and wide, but they are a heart-stopping $700 per axle. I have a set to try out soon.
I found that the Ferrodo pads were ok, and believe it or not, better than the Porterfield race pads that I swapped in. The porterfields are an example of why I have an issue of the caliper-off system. After one and a half track days, the pads are worn down to where there is probably less than a one-half track day left in them. But because of the Brembo caliper design, I might as well throw them away because I wont be able to change them mid-track day.

Keep us posted on how the Pagid's work out.