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Originally Posted by Mikewarlover View Post
Bmws are completely sold, all they care now is market instead of building cars that are truly wonderful like the E46 CSL. I really think going the turbo route is just so much easier and less costly to develope. Yet, wat they really should do is try to make this E92's wonderful V8 more torqey and better. Plz wtf is A M X6 piece of junk. REally the X6 is a piece of shit to start off with, pointless car .... I am so disappointed in bmw. I am moving on to C63 in the future.
I think we should put you in charge of BMW.

Your intelligence and command of the English language reminds me of the people in charge over at General Motors.

Good point on moving to the C63, it is not like Mercedes announced adding turbos to the 6.2 liter V8 or anything. What are you waiting for? Go get it now, they would love you over at MBworld.

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