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Originally Posted by oneginee View Post
To whomever was saying all Ferraris ever built have NA engines. Not true. The 87 F40 and 89 F40 Le Mans are twin turbo V8s and they are faster on 0-60 than the current F430

2009 F430 Scuderia Spider 16M NA engine FI 4.3l 510bhp@8500rpm 346lbs.ft@5250rpm redline 8640rpm 0-60mph 3.7sec
2007 F430 Scuderia NA engine ESI 4.3l 510 bhp@8500 rpm 346 ft.lbs@5250rpm redline 8640rpm 0-60mph 3.5sec
1989 F40 Le Mans TT V8 2.9l 760 bhp@7500 rpm 0-60mph 3.1sec
1987 F40 TT V8 2.9l 478bhp@7000rpm 425ft.lbs@4500rpm redline 7750rpm 0-60mph 3.8sec
2006 F430 GT V8 NA FI 4.0l 445 bhp@6750rpm 495 ft.lbs@5200rpm 0-60mph 3.2sec

But yes there is a reason NA are the prefered choice for all recent Ferrari and that is drivability.

Here are other reasons of dislike:

- Sounds like "an angry aspirator"
- Reliability year after year
- No wideband torque
- Reduces usable power band of the engine
-The sudden surge of power can overwhelm the tires and result in loss of grip, which could lead to understeer/oversteer
- if throttle is applied in a turn, power may unexpectedly increase when the turbo spools up, which can cause excessive wheelspin.
-Engine complexity, more chances for failures

To be fair: advantages of Turbocharging
-more bhp and torque at smaller volumes
-better thermal efficiency. Also higher combustion temperature reduces NOxide compound for cleaner emission
-Fuel economy. Here is where a lot of people go wrong. Lower only when cruising because smaller engine volume but when driving hard consumption is about the same as NA engine of same bhp. Therefore a weak argument for an M car which should be driven hard.
You forgot the 288 GTO.

Anyway, so they are going to turbos, so what? BMW had turbos back with the 2002, they do them well.

If they continue the innovation like they did with the X6 twin turbo V8 I'm all for it. Give me a high redline AND turbos. BMW's will be all around the most powerful, best handling, cars in their class.

I'm just glad I won't have to read another post about the M3 not having enough torque ever again.