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Originally Posted by ajminn View Post
lets not forget people that f1 cars of the 80s had turbos and still had 10k+ redlines. it's still possible for bmw to produce beautiful engines even if we have to go the FI route.
That's true, but almost surely the N64 based engine in the X6 M will not fall into the high revving category. And, if the M5 continues with that same engine as the article claims, then I doubt it will rev over 7000 RPM either. And lets not forget - BMW has always claimed M cars will not use Valvetronic because it will not perform or function at high RPM. But clearly this new X6 will have it unless it is a complete rework of the N64 which I do doubt strongly (but would love to be wrong).

I think if the current M3 had an FI S54 with 8000+ RPM people would still have accepted it. But if it had an N54 with more boost and was basically nothing more than a tuned 335i motor, then people will be apt to wonder why we are paying a huge premium for a engine that can be duplicated with a $1500 ECU piggyback. Yes, that's only part of the M package, but it is certainly a big part.

Even back in the day of the E39 M5 and prior M cars when the engines were derived from regular series, at least they had their own unique displacement, and quite a few M specific parts to achieve more power. I am skeptical we will see that going forward with the new turbo motors.
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