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Originally Posted by Kampfer View Post
Wow... one race... maybe there was a mechanical problem? That doesn't mean anything unless you tell the whole story.

And if you think the Porsche transmission is outdated... think again. That was one of the biggest reasons why they took the ALMS championsihp from Ferrari after a disappointing 2007.

Which top ALMS teams are afraid of BMW? When they left in 2001 and came back a few years ago (with team PTG) they were NOWHERE near competitive. Hence their switch to Panoz for the time being
it was a street circuit... the Vettes dont really handle better then the front running GT2 cars in slow bumper turns.. and they were just simply out drivin considering the GT2 cars were fighting for position.. and the vettes were just out there driving around.... this was consistent pace im talking about.. not end results were obviously mechanicals and crashes happen...

I know the 08 tranny's got changed... i know exactly what was changed actually.... but thats not one of the biggest reasons... Jorg and Wolf drove to the championship.. it pretty much being decided at Road America when Dom had the problem.. the 71 Tafle Ferrari had a starter go bad... the tranny didnt make much of a dif.. but it being lighter and CG moved. that did help... the entire front nose of the car was changed also... along with a 4.0l motor... those were both MAJOR changes...

the Porsche tranny in the 997 RSR's drives the same as the Cup cars.. which are far less advanced machines... i would Defiantly consider them 'dated' compared to what they are running... simply for the fact that its mostly mechanical and you have to use the clutch to downshift....

BMW had the 'cheater' car and they won all kinds of races.. obviously the powerplant was much better then the porsches at that time... BMW had no luck with the inline 6 banger...

a team that won a ALMS race in GT2 this year told me they were most worried about the BMW for next year... FLM