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Originally Posted by Sticky View Post
Ok, I own porsches as well and have friends that own them. Techart is hardly someone I would put much faith in. Talk to the serious tuners, Protomotive, EVOMS, and AWE. The GT2 is underrated and so is the GT3. 415 hp @ the crank yet it dynos 380 wheel? The Carrera S is at 385 hp and dyno's 330 wheel on the same dyno, huh? Doesn't really add up does it?

The car is rated at 530 hp at the crank yet turns 128 mph trap speeds. A gallardo is rated at 520 hp at the crank yet does 118 mph trap speeds. Crank ratings don't matter, different crank motors at 500 hp won't all put the same power to the ground and won't perform the same. They can claim any number they want.

I spend a lot of time researching cars, it isn't a belief, it is a fact that Porsche underrates certain cars.

The dyno database on dragtimes has many dynos to serve as a point of reference. How is a stock 997 GT3 putting down 386 wheel:

Are the losses 7% (of course not) or is it underrated?

I won't go into other manufacturers and vehicles they have produced that put down more power than advertised as I guess we are talking about 997 GT2 performance from the stroker. This is a large leap, and 530 claimed horses from RDsport are not going to be the same as the GT's claimed 530 horses.
OK Sticky, no problem, you win!! hahaha!! I agree GT2 is def more powerful, stated figures on Porsche mean nothing and RDSport figures are def overstated. Agreed. So, on with the show and lets focus on strokers!