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Originally Posted by xrayos View Post
how do you like the escort? I have a v1, but I hate the false alerts
I'm planning on doing a complete write-up/review sometime, but the short version is that I love it. The GPS auto-learn feature is great. After a few weeks of driving around the city, it is extremely rare for me to get a false alert now, and I don't have to turn off the X-band or otherwise impair the detector to do it.

The 9500's range on the highway is awesome -- much better than the 8500 X50 in my wife's car. The range/sensitivity seems slightly better than the V1 in certain situations, and not quite as good in others. With both, you get more than enough warning.

The arrows on the V1 are nice to have and anyone who dismisses them as gimmicky has never used them. The ramp up is pretty good on the 9500 though, so I can use the changing signal strength to pretty easily figure out where the signal is coming from. It would just be faster and easier to have the arrows.

I keep the 9500 in "expert mode," which allows for tracking of multiple signals and is much better than the more limited information than you get from the V1.

One thing I thought I would use more than I did is the GPS redlight/photo radar alerts. I kept that feature on for about a week. Once I learned where most of the redlight cameras were in the city, it just got annoying to be warned all the time. So I guess it did it's job, and I'd probably turn it back on to go into a new city.

Overall, I'm very happy with it, and I wouldn't want to go back to the V1, even though the V1 has the arrows and slightly better sensitivity in certain situations.
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