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Racying Dynamics
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Iīve owned and own Porsches and have friends that own them. I know of none of these that have been understated and some of these have been dynod. I also took the liberty of speaking with TechArt yesterday for some other matters and asked them the same. They have a really nice 700bhp GT2 by the way. They say it is not understated. I also recall a magazine that tested all these results some time ago, it turned out that most European cars produced a bit less hp than stated (including Porsche) and it was the american corvette that turned out to be understated but in those cases it was 3 or 4bhp, nothing major. I donīt think Prosche would understate a car by 20 or 30 bhp, law suits can also easily go both ways (understate a car, crash, and your in deep dodo). But, hey, at the end of the day I suppose we will all believe what we want. My personal belief is that Porsche does not understate hp, but thatīs just me and is why I say to each his own. So, whatever the case, the RDSport stroker will produce more hp in an aspirated fashion at sea level than will the "stated" GT2 hp and with the weight reduction I have put it through, just a tad heavier.