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Originally Posted by footie View Post
When and where was this held, I know nothing about it. Also is a said earlier a Porsche mechanic felt it's the fact they are not working at optimum temperature the majority of the time is the cause of the continuing problems they (Porsche) are having, I doubt other manufacturers are any different.

A good aftermarket setup gives equally good braking performance and are as good for most club/track day events at half the price. Weight is the sole advantage I see when placed on a road car, oh yeah and the bragging rights of course.

As for your mechanics assertion, I don't know why operating at lower than optimum temps would cause disks to crack more. I can understand if operating at lower than optimum temps could cause them not to operate to their best possible standards but to cause more failures? That seems unlikely to me, and also, a few hard laps at any track should have disks up to their proper operating temperatures. Its not as if thye only come in after 50 laps or something.