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Aftermarket BBK Owners Beware (Brembo specifically)


Just thought I would offer some notes for those people thinking of "upgrading" to an aftermarket BBK. My experience is with Brembo although people should check this with any manufacturers.

Problem: front pad changes are a caliper-off (or at least significant caliper loosening) job. Combined with the fact that they don't fit under any currently available 18" rim (to the best of my knowledge), this is a significant drawback for track use.

I wish I had known this before I had bought it.

My last car (E46 m3) I had a stoptech kit, with a removable caliper bridge that allowed for easy quick swapping of pads. Just undo the bridge bolt, lop it off, take out old pads, put in new ones, replace bridge and you are done. You could do a corner in a couple of minutes easy.

The monobloc brembos do not allow for this and the retaining pins are quite fiddly as well, even when time is not of the essence. This is a bit of a pita, since it means I am having to discard used pads that I think won't last a whole track day. I just can't risk the fact that they might wear down before the day is over and I will find myself unable to change them.

I suppose its possible, but I really wouldn't want to be loosening the caliper bolts and trying to handle the calipers when they are 1000 degrees.


PS I am not faulting brembo quality or anything, just thought people should be aware of this.

PPS if I am talking through my arse and I have in dunce like fashion missed an easy way to change pads on these things please let me know.