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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
They did so through proper materials, proper cooling and proper mass. The biggest advantage of the current systems is WEIGHT and WEIGHT.
Amen. +10000. Nail on head hit. Ceramic disks are total overkill for road cars, and even track cars.

Lots of the physics above went completely over my head, I am sure you two know what you are talking about. But looking at actual usage tells all.

Swamp you asked earlier whether the issues I referred to was the norm or an isolated issue. All I can say is that (at least over in the UK) I have heard loads of people switching to alcon aftermarket steel rotors on the pccb's and numerous stories of people having to get replacements. The longevity argument for pccb's does not stack up in practice imo.

ALso, what disks do most private/club racing teams use? Mostly steel afaik. Yes the ceramics give a weight advantage but this is offset by the fact that they are too expensive, crack too often, and don't offer any real stopping advantage compared to a good steel setup.

I was at the Porsche Club Ireland track day recently which was a mixture of road cars, plus a few racing teams with various RS, RSR's & Cup cars running full slicks. The guys came with 40ft containers and teams of people with computers and telemetry and other stuff.

Not one car had ceramic disks as far as I could tell. Why is that?