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Originally Posted by Kampfer View Post
Actually a Porsche driver in the ALMS stated that he clutches when he downshifts so that he can perform said throttle blip. Otherwise he'd be blipping the throttle with a lower gear engaged.

The fight won't really start till Corvette moves to GT2.
the porsche trannys are 'dated' for lack of better words... and dont have the ability to match revs on downshifts using the ecu.. so your foot does the work.. you can actually downshift without using the clutch on a qualifier lap or something like that by using force... but its bad for the tranny and wont help in a enduro race situation for reliability....

the tranny in the M3 im sure is more like the Ferrari GT2 trannys.. but prob not as good... as those you can actually pre downshift before you even start braking.. then when you hit the brakes the ecu takes over and does everything for you...

for instance.. your on a long front straight and the next turn is a 3 gear turn... so u clik the left paddle 3 times.... but nothing will happen.. then a couple hundred feet later when you brake... .. bom... your in 3rd and ready to rock and roll....

i did notice the same shift knob thats used in the ALMS M3 car is in the Bimmerworld SPEED TC cars... so i assume the transmission manufacturer is the same... i googled the hell out of it to try to see what sequential trannys they use.. but i guess they dont want anyone to know.... i found nothing..

ive also read that the M3 alms car tranny is oil and water cooled... and did anyone notice in the incar pics that the pole connected to the shifter was going to the back of the car?.. plus those weird air vents behind the doors... what back there could possibly need that much cooling?

i think the tranny is located in the rear of the car....