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Originally Posted by BMW-M-Mexico View Post
Dynos can be tricked or fumbled with!! I posted one that shows 466bhp from an ECU reflash for the M3. I donīt believe it!!! Hahaha! Besides, Porsche understates but audi, AMG and BMW M are precise? Could be, but doubt it. And, I should also say I have a Porsche and no one at the dealer, Tech Art or what have you have ever stated it produces more power than published. But whatever the case, I have no further arguments, to each his own Sticky. Go for the V10 and stock GT2 stated hp figure is wrong and much higher than the stoker.
I won't do something like the V10, but someone might be interested and it is fun to talk about things like that.

Dinan is going to do it but swapping the V10 in takes something away from the M3 IMO. It is not a bad way to go if someone wants maximum power in a naturally aspirated form, as in swapping in a stroker V10.

Dyno's can be manipulated to an extent, but that is why there are certain tuners we trust. Anyway, can't wait to see your project come along (and I am disappointed RDsport is gone).

As far as the dyno for your chip, I don't know anything about that particular dyno and was not familiar with it at all and have not seen major tuners use it. No point of reference for me, I'm sure the company knows what they were doing though.