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I have to agree with one poster who said that holding on to our E9x M3's will be like holding on to a 993 Porsche (last of the air cooled cars). They will probably hold a slightly higher value in the hearts of M enthusiasts. But let's face is guys, our cars are not exotics that will fetch premium dollar in the future. They're just top end 3 series based cars (gonna get some slack from that last comment!). Yes, I know that the motor is designed and built by M division but they're still not rare exotics!

When the 911 went liquid cooled, the enthusiasts caused a stir and made fusses but still they went out and bought them anyways. Same thing with the current M3. The V8 motor caused stir yet most E46 owners traded up their cars for the E9x anyways!

Technology and cars are always getting bigger and better and I'd be willing to say that once the new car comes out with more power, better handling and lighter components, most E9x owners will throw a fit only to eventually trade up their cars for the next model.

I say; Go with the times! If the next move is a turbo charged V8, then bring it on. I don't know if I will buy the next M3 as by then I'll want something larger and maybe more practical (all-weather performance with year round usability.. Toronto winters suck!!) but I'm sure it will be a great car!

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