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well, how many of us saw it that BMW will fit TT in a 3 series. No one did. But BMW did accomplish that. Many loved it, yet few hated it; calling BMW's approach as "not typica" or "nontranditional". No one can see that day when BMW will offer TT in an M3. But they will.
I had that discussion with one of my good friends; whom I need to remind is a very much Audi enthusiast. The argument was evolving around a Saab 95 that he had purchased for his wife (not by choice). He was boasting about the technology that Saab uses on their 4 cylinder motor to produce so much power, and yet maintain clean fuel emission. I stated to him that the day is coming when most manufacturers will result in using turbos to gain more easier power, yet not sacrificing fuel efficient. He disagreed with me, stating the other wise. That was 6 years ago. I think I win one.
But in all honesty, after test driving an E9X M3, this car is very much alive, and ready to kick ass. I don't know why would someone buy a TT M3. Is it the power? Is it the sheer performance? or is it "hey look at me, I am driving an TT M3"?
I am holding my peace 'til the car is in production.